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Opera USA is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of performing artists worldwide. Become a member of Opera USA today for free and utilize our offer of an individually configured, detailed artist profile. We welcome artist of all kinds, nationalities, ages, and skill level to join our online community.

Artist membership is completely free, and the benefits are numerous:
  • You can create a customizable and detailed artist profile.
  • Your name is placed (and clearly displayed) in our directory and search engine.
  • You may be qualified to become a member of Opera USA's Artist Roster.

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If you are theater manager, promoter, booker, performing venue officer, casting-director, or any other person in search for services of artists associated with opera and musical-theater, this is the site to check first. Here you find eminent and established international artists aside of others to include novices and aspiring talent on the way to achieve proficiency in their respective crafts. We provide you with names, photos, contact information, applicable evaluation tools, periods of availability and repertoire of the artists. If asked for, we could provide our recommendations, but we expect you to assume full control of your selection process toward reaching a final decision.

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Opera USA has created the first and most comprehensive, all-inclusive international directory for those affiliated with or aspiring to join in the fields of opera and musical-theater arts. All Artists in any category associated with the lyric theater world, whether currently employed or aspiring to join the roster in the future are welcome to register. This is an interactive environment open to all without bias, prejudice or restrictions. The registrant uses this site as a venue for self-promotion and international exposure. Opera USA believes that all deserve a FAIR CHANCE. It has never materialized to many and for each successful artist there are hundreds who are not a bit inferior but never made it. We are here to make A CHANGE!!! It costs NOTHING to join! Hurry and register by following our user-friendly instruction menu.


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Opera USA counts on your support to survive and thrive and your help can be extended in more ways than one. For Monetary and In-Kind donation please refer to the page dedicated to this subject. We also seek volunteers to donate their good will, time and effort in assistance with our performance activities, augmenting our repertoire database which is already the largest online, and passing the word around that we are here as the 21st century’s prime interactive performance outlet for opera and musical-theater arts.


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