Opera USA champions the artistic advancement of exceptionally gifted artists in the realm of Opera and Music Theater. We seek to build a roster of such talent to participate in our events -recitals, concerts and productions. Through such events those found worthy to embark on a meaningful career will be introduced to the public at large. These participants in performances initiated by our Company will be named Members of the Roster of Opera USA.

The Company operates globally, unlike most performing organizations that are based at a certain location or associated with a particular venue. Therefore is not a secret that our "Claim to Fame" Directory of anyone associated artistically with the world of opera and Music Theater is global in nature and will attract notice just about anywhere. Likewise, those artists who will sign up to be included in the Directory increase their chances to be seen and evaluated by potential employers worldwide.

This Directory will feature a huge database of information as a tool to introduce an artist - especially a singer - according to roles he or she mastered or performed. This magnitude of data implant will require the help of volunteers able and willing to join force to create it. In addition volunteers will be needed for help in mounting events in diverse capacities. All those involved in our projects will be part of our team - Members of Opera USA.

If you wish to volunteer please fill in the required fields below.