Membership is completely free and open to artists of all kinds, nationalities, ages and skill level who wish to take part in the exciting fields of performing and visual arts. By becoming a member you contribute directly to furthering culture and artistic expression far beyond your immediate surroundings. You become a part of our ever-growing family of fine individuals who, like you, believe that art is an integral part of society's makeup and indispensable for our future.

All artists who join our online community will be automatically featured in our artist database. Your personal and professional profile will be promoted internationally, allowing potential employers, directors, bookers and agents to contact you wherever you are around the globe.

We gladly accept the listings of complete artists' rosters of concert agents as well as individual artists who are currently under management. Artists as such will have their profile directly linked to an external website of their respective management - an indication which will be prominently displayed - and all ensuing correspondence will be channeled accordingly.

A selected number of highly gifted and proficient artists, chosen through an audition process, will be designated as members of the Roster of Opera USA. Roster artists will possess a confirming certificate in their profile and will receive higher rankings under artist searches.


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